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Party Theme Ideas

Train Party Ideas

Train Kids Party BlogIs your child OBSESSED with trains, planes and automobiles? Hot Wheels and Thomas are very popular in our household. There is a miniature railway near us that is only $3 for a 20 minute Sunday afternoon ride. Each week it becomes prime real estate for dozens of fun children’s parties. So here are some toot-errific ideas on how to host your own train themed party.


Making pretend tickets to include with your invitation is a great activity if you’re planning to ride on a miniature railway as part of your train party. By writing each child’s name on your ticket you can personalise the invitation. Then let your birthday child to decorate the tickets before sending them. For a list of miniature railways in Australia, click here Miniature Railways


Balloons around your party area at the park will add to the party feel as well as let guests know where to find you. Creating a personalised train station sign to hang is inexpensive and fun to make. On a big piece of cardboard draw a large rectangle, write the birthday child’s name in big capital letters inside and decorate with coloured paint, train stickers or a photo of your child. 


Little chocolate train carriages are a perfect treat for your train party: buy a packet of snack sized milky ways, pack of smarties and some tiny teddy biscuits. The unwrapped milky way will become your carriage, so using a little bit of icing stick two smarties onto each of the long sides of the milky way at each end to look like wheels. Cut off the tiny teddies legs and stick him with icing to the top of the milky way (he is the driver).  Voila! You have just made super cute, bite size mini trains :)


What would a train party be without a whistle? Use a whistle instead of music to play games like freeze and pass the parcel.

Musical trains is an easy adaptation of the well-known party game musical chairs. Line the chairs up in the middle of the room like train carriages instead of in the usual circle. You play as normal and when you remove a chair, take it from one of the ends.


For my eldest sons 2nd birthday I made the Woman’s Weekly train cake (you know the one on the front cover of the birthday cake book your mum has from 1980?) It wasn’t too difficult and looked great! Friends tell me the cheat’s way to make a train cake is to buy flavoured scrolls from Coles, ice them and stick chocolate biscuits on for wheels. You can get Thomas the Tank cake toppers from most cake shops if you’re wanting simple and easy.

Party Favours

A nice way to thank your guests for coming is a fun party favour bag. A whistle, blow out, kazoo (pretty much anything that makes noise) is going to be a hit with the kids (and the other parents will thank you later!)

Click here to download a pdf version of the Train Theme

Party in the box was a great success, my girls absolutely loved it. My husband and I were really impressed with the quality of everything. Last year I spent round $50-60 on the lolly bags alone & I had to resort to chocolates & lollies to make them look full. This birthday the party bags are full, the girls loved the things inside & no junk food. I am rapt with that!

Meagan W, Bellfield