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Teenage Girl Gift Ideas

Is it just me or do teenage girls seem more grown up now than when I was their age? Gift buying can be difficult for this age group, whether it’s a birthday party or for Christmas – here are my top ten affordable gifts for girls 13-18 years old.

1. Notebook and Gel Pens

Girls love journaling and it’s so much more enjoyable with a fun spiral bound notebook and some colourful gel pens. You might even like to write in the front page an inspirational quote or a little note to her encouraging her in the woman she is growing up to be.

2. A Facial

It’s during these hormone ridden years that girls become conscious of their skin, so buy her a facial kit which she can use at home. A bottle of moisturiser along with a facial makes a great gift.

3. Throw Rug or Scatter Cushions

What better way to brighten up her bedroom than with a few colourful scatter cushions for her bed or a throw rug to keep her warm while doing her homework.

4. Scrapbooking Supplies

If the birthday girl is interested in scrap booking, head to your local craft shop and buy her a variety of scrap booking supplies. There is so much available you could pick a theme (summer/ flowers/ love/ colour purple) and buy some stickers or craft packs to match.

5. Make-up Bag

Select a nice make up bag which isn’t too ‘old lady’ for your teenager. You might like to add some travel size toiletries inside for when she goes to sleepovers or school camp.

6. iTunes Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers aren’t a cheat’s way of buying gifts if you’ve given it careful thought. If your birthday girl loves her music, you might like to make a suggestion of an artist you think she might enjoy or suggest she buys an album of a particular genre. You can find iTunes vouchers on special, so the value of the card is more than you paid, which is excellent value in my books :)

7. Jewellery

Teenage girls love accessorising and making statements with their jewellery. Find out her favourite colour and buy 3 different necklaces with a similar colour scheme which could be worn all together or separately.

8. Make Up

I wasn’t allowed to wear make up till I was 16, but times have changed! You could fill a small gift bag with mascara, lip gloss and eye shadow, and then tie the bag up with a cute ribbon as a fun gift.

9. Handbag or Purse

As she gains independence, a purse and handbag will start to accompany her wherever she goes. Buy something colourful, different or suited to her personality. I’d also recommend that with something like a purse or handbag you might want to also give her the receipt in case she wants to change the style or colour.

10. Movie Night

A DVD, bag of popcorn and a packet of lollies set the scene for a perfect movie night. Department stores often have DVD’s on special for $9 - $12 so pick one of her all-time favourites, add in her favourite snacks and a cosy night on the couch is ready and waiting.

Click here to download a pdf version of the Teenage Girl Gift Ideas

Party in the box was a great success, my girls absolutely loved it. My husband and I were really impressed with the quality of everything. Last year I spent round $50-60 on the lolly bags alone & I had to resort to chocolates & lollies to make them look full. This birthday the party bags are full, the girls loved the things inside & no junk food. I am rapt with that!

Meagan W, Bellfield