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Princess Party Ideas

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Watch any Disney movie and you’ll see that at the heart of every girl is the desire to be a princess. Most of us will never marry a handsome Danish prince but that doesn’t mean we can’t be treated like a princess by those around us. I don’t mean a princess {gotta get my own way or I have a tantrum} kind of girl; I mean a princess who is humble, strong, beautiful, compassionate and loved. A young girl’s birthday is the perfect time to celebrate her for all she is.


Dress ups is a great way to set the tone for your princess party. You could either invite the guests to wear a pretty dress or have some tiaras for them to wear once they arrive. Hanging pretty lanterns and streamers will transform your lounge room into a stunning palace. You might set up a little table where the girls can get their nails painted as a bit of princess pampering.

By using some balloons and a pink plastic tablecloth you can create a dramatic castle-like archway at your front door. You may even have princess name tags for the girls to put on when they arrive.


Pink cordial is the drink of choice for modern day princesses, served with a pink straw of course! If you’re doing a lolly buffet, include musk sticks, marshmallows, pink jelly, strawberries and pink iced biscuits. It’s also quite easy to make fairy bread and cut it into crown shapes.


How about a game of musical thrones {chairs} to burn off some energy, or you might also like to practice some of their princess skills… an egg and spoon style race but with a book balanced on their head instead. Mix up the traditional game of freeze by teaching the girls to curtsey and each time the music stops they must curtsey and hold that position until the music starts again. If your guests are a little younger you might like to blow bubbles and get them to try to catch them or maybe a game of pin the crown on the princess.


Whether you serve cupcakes or a full birthday cake, fill your imagination with pink jewels, tall towers and sprinkles. There are lots of dolly varden cake ideas if you’re going for a princess cake. Otherwise, a castle cake can be lots of fun to decorate. Start with a square cake and some ice cream cones. Ice the whole of the cake with pink icing and roll 4 ice cream cones through the icing also. Stick the cones on each corner of the cake to make it look like a castle. Then while the icing is still soft, use lollies, sprinkles, edible glitter, marshmallows and whatever other lollies you like to decorate the kingdom. It’s a great little project for your birthday child to do with you the day before the party.

Party Favours

I tend to steer away from party favour bags full of lollies and prefer to have a few fun novelty toys instead. Our princess temporary tattoos are really popular; you can either give these as gifts in the favour bag, or maybe put them on each child as they arrive at the party. Bracelets, rings, bubbles and stationery all make great gifts for your guests to take home. Your child might also like to attach a small note to the party bag thanking their guests for coming and for their gift, tie this on with some ribbon and the theme is complete.

Click here to download a pdf version of the Princess Theme

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Claire G, Eltham