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Party Theme Ideas

Primary Boy Gift Ideas

It seems like the minute you send your little boy off to school the birthday party invitations start rolling in – so embrace the celebrations and find a way to enjoy buying gifts without busting your budget.

1. Bug Catcher/ Ant Farm

My boys LOVE insects. I’m pretty sure it’s linked to their Y chromosome. Get a bug catcher for the birthday boy and let them examine these little creatures up close. It’s a good opportunity to teach them how to humanely look after insects too (how to feed them rather than pull their wings off!)

2. Science Experiments

You’ll find some incredible science experiments both online and in the stores. Things that go pop or explode will delight them. There are some great challenging ones too – like making an electronic fan or light. Make up your own kit or buy one pre-prepared.

3. Lego

Lego is awesome! It’s often the first time a boy will follow instructions (which they seem to lose by manhood!) Many engineers, builders and mechanics started their passion with the simple enjoyment of Lego.

4. Fishing Gear

What greater delight for a young boy than to learn how to fish. Put together a fishing kit – with a hand reel, tackle box and maybe a few fishing accessories.

5. Tent

If you put together your money with another family you’ll be surprised to find that a small 4 man tent is affordable. Imagine the delight on his face. Camping is SO much fun (even if in the backyard)!!

6. Chess Set

My 6 year old loves having his Pa teach him how to play chess. He loves the strategy and although he’s still learning how all the pieces can move it’s a gift he’ll be able to use for years to come. Buy a simple set and see the birthday boy develop a lifelong passion.

7. Sleeping Bag

Whether it’s his first camping trip or a sleep over at a friend’s house, a kids sleeping bag is a great and affordable gift.

8. Sports

Discovering what sport your birthday boy is interested in is always going to lead you to a good gift. Whether it be tennis balls, a football or a poster of his favourite player, you’ll kick a goal when you fuel his sporting passion.

9. Books

There are some fantastic books written with primary aged boys in mind. Help them discover the incredible world of getting lost in a book and being transported to another time or place. Ask your school librarian for suggestions, or your local book shop will know of their best sellers.

10. Telescope

There are some excellent affordable telescopes on the market designed for children to discover the beauty of our universe. I always thought telescopes would cost close to $100, but I love that there are now great starter sets for under $15!

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Party in the box was a great success, my girls absolutely loved it. My husband and I were really impressed with the quality of everything. Last year I spent round $50-60 on the lolly bags alone & I had to resort to chocolates & lollies to make them look full. This birthday the party bags are full, the girls loved the things inside & no junk food. I am rapt with that!

Meagan W, Bellfield